Golden Foods

The largest importer of frozen pre-fried potatoes in the country


We are a company that constantly invests in the quality of our products because we value, above all, customer satisfaction.

We operate in the Food Service, Cash & Carry and Retail networks which have 5,000 active customers and over 100 products divided into the following categories: frozen pre-fried potatoes, meat (beef, lamb and chicken heart), fish, frozen vegetables, potato flakes, onion rings, olive oil, olives, dried fruit and drinks (beer). Every year, we import more than 90 tons of food and beverages.

We are constantly innovating and launching new products in various categories. The Quality Fries is our brand of frozen pre-fried potatoes. It has become the market leader in food service and is an example of the criteria of excellence for all of our products.

We are based in Rio de Janeiro with branches in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, São Paulo and Alagoas. We have 8 distribution centers located in strategic regions throughout Brazil, which enable us to effectively meet throughout the country, as well as seamlessly facilitate international trade, import and distribution with the USA.

We take the utmost care with every step of the process, from production, import, storage, marketing and distribution to the personalized relationship with each customer.

We value partnerships and are always thinking of growth strategies to develop lasting business relationships. We work very hard and are dedicated to making Golden Foods the first option for all who seek quality food, fair price and the best taste!



Develop, produce and market tasty food with the highest standards of quality. We aim to retain our customers and deliver profitability to our business partners.



Be a national leader in the sale of frozen food imported in Food Service and Retail by 2020.





Focus on results